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To provide alternatives to the status quo and break the cycle of addiction, depression and self destruction by providing a public home for the youth. A place of opportunity and hope for the community, only to be found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Public is not only a youth center but is now a community outreach center as well.


To provide an avenue for the local churches to be present and active in the center of town, building relationships with the community directing them to Christ. 

C O F F E E .


Public Coffee House is a specialty coffee shop, where quality is the highest priority. We believe that coffee brings people together and creates opportunity for connecting conversations.  

We proudly serve Lana coffee Co. a direct trade coffee roaster located in Fresno,Ca.



C O N N E C T .


We are more than a youth center. More than a coffee house. We are family. A place for people to connect with each other. And Christ.



C H R I S T .


That in all things He might be preeminent. Jesus is more than the first. He is everything. It is our aim to do all for, in, and through Christ. Representing His love and compassion for our neighbors and nations. 


U S I N G   C O F F E E   T O   C O N N E C T   P E O P L E   T O   C H R I S T

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