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David and Cassandra Callis have a heart for the youth of North Fork.

They saw the need for a safe refuge in the heart of North Fork for these youth, and anyone who comes through the doors. This prompted them to take over Public Coffee House after finding out that the original youth ministers of PCH were called to Colorado and wanted to make certain that Public Coffee House would stay open but wanted to expand the cafe vision of the center.  So they met with the board and it was decided that Cassandra would run the cafe and the youth ministry with David. Cassandra has also opened up Public to the community for prayer requests, programs & events. PCH has become a family place for the mountain area!

David & Cassandra met on the mission field in the Philippines and both of them love coffee .  They fell in love and were married a year later.  Jesus, coffee and people are their passions. 

God called them to take over and run Public Coffee House, combining their passions and providing an avenue to serve the youth of North Fork.

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